Hotep, my name is  LORD DRAGON MASTER BLASTER CHIEF PURE HEART THE GREAT AKA MIN KHEPER AMEN TEHUTI RA THUTMOSE III AKA THE DEMON SLAYER . I am a Photographer,(Cannabis Images displayed on this site are taken by King Dragon Pure Heart Media Productions). Videographer, Martial/Montu Artist, Nyabinghi (Afro-Blackfoot/Yaqui Indian) Warrior, Farmer, Knowledge and Truth Seeker. Moving and grooving to my own unique cultural drum beat. For those who have ears to hear. May the sweet sounds of our ancestors along with the ORISHA/NETERU assist and guide you, on your magnificent journey.

I would like honor Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Running Horse, Chief Running Bear, Chief Red Cloud, Chief Running Wolf, and Russell Means.

Crazy Horse Memorial – Custer, South Dakota - Atlas Obscura


Red Cloud - Wikipedia


Running Wolf. Blackfeet. Montana. 1908. Source - Montana State University. | Native american powwows, Native american tribes, Native american pictures

Russell Means: Standing Against Injustice - Indian Country Today

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