Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit” Live 1959

This song is a reflection of the raciest history in America if you think that history is a thing of the past you are wrong. This raciest practice is still being done it just went underground. If you never experienced it that’s a good thing because you may die just to learn this truth first hand. I was threatened to be hung in a tree by raciest police officers in the Air National Guard. Why because I was sent to aid during Hurricane Katrina and disrespectful raciest comments was made in my presence and being a military member you are suppose to just take it and keep quite but that is not my style.  My people had just got finished enduring hardship and to hear disrespectful comments being made to the survivors was a display of lifeless emotionally brain dead low level thinking. On top of that my friend survived Hurricane Katrina and knowing of his story of bravery and his willingness to survive was respectable. Long story short I challenged them all to a one on one fight. Later after plotting and feeding off each other to do something to put me in my place. I was threatened to be lynched after breaking down that I was not scared at all of the treat and it was the exact opposite I welcomed the challenge. Pointing out the fact that you are not the only ones with weapons and if you come for me it will be a formidable fight even though the odds was five against one. I was not bluffing, not playing, and not fucking around  I am still alive to tell the story.


A Black Man Hangs a White Supremacist: Tyler Shields's Charged Photography

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