Business 101 (Entrepreneurship Internal Readiness Questions)


  1. Do I like to set my own goals? Do I rely on my own personal work ethic and internal genius to complete those goals?
  2. If faced with failure will I keep fighting for what I truly want?
  3. Am I willing to plot another direction of travel towards financial freedom rebuilding with all lessons learned if I am unsuccessful?
  4. When I am successful will I manage my profits wisely?
  5. Can I turn a personal passion into a successful business?
  6. Am I ready to take full responsibility for growing a business from scratch?
  7. Will I do the necessary research and prep work needed to work for myself?
  8. Am I ready to step out of the realm of simply following orders? Am I ready to take control of my own destiny?
  9. Do I feel a typical work environment is a waste of my valuable time?
  10. Do I have a financial support system in place to fall back on in a case of emergency during the building up of a business from scratch?
  11. I am ready to break away from a typical workplace with the knowledge, resources, and experience to turn my internal dream into a reality?
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