Dr. Phil Valentine: The Origins of the Conscious Community, Trans-humanism, Gender (Part 2)

Dr. Phil Valentine talks about his part in creating what we call the “Conscious Community,” what he calls Trans-humanism, and how gender is going to play a large role in society.

To contact Dr. Valentine and his wife call 1.800.847.1291
or visit UKSNOW.org for his online School.

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Dr. Phil Valentine El | Metaphysics DNA Wisdom Pineal Master Teacher Meditation | The Galactic Talk

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Session 44
Dr. Valentine established the School of Arcane Sciences and the Gathering of the Masters monthly symposium for advanced studies in Metaphysics and the Spiritual Sciences, and is best known for his ability to decipher and teach the subtlest principles of Metaphysics and its application to health, healing, and everyday life, in ways that may be understood by both the advanced student and the beginner-apprentice.

In this session, you’ll be able to learn about Dr. Phil Valentine’s metaphysical experience as a child in Trinidad, the metaphysical explanation on experiencing higher abilities & time traveling, message of wisdom and more.

To contact Dr. Phil Valentine El — sunnu777@gmail.com
Dr. Valentine cash app: $sunnu777

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