Stoners Couch (10) Swimming with Sharks Conquering Fear

I have had recurring dreams about swimming with sharks my whole life. Sometimes one big shark, other times whole families of sharks. Sometimes I have to fight being scared at some point during my dreams. When fear started to enter my mind during my latest dream a very large shark gently rubbed up against my body, when I was resting on the surface. The message I received was don’t be afraid when you are swimming with us act as if you are apart of the family and you belong down here with us. I was going to swim to the waters edge and get out because it was a large amount of sharks that was in my view not to mention in my dream it was night time but under the water I could see everything clearly. The fear started when I was younger early teens, I use to go boogie boarding in Long Beach CA and I use to try my hand at surfing occasionally. The best waves on that day was in the deep water. I caught a wave then all of the sudden I was ran over by a surfer from behind his board hit me in the head I went under. I had lost my sense of direction and didn’t know which way was up or down. Luckily my leash to my boogie board was still attached to my leg I used it to regain my sense of direction. I swam to the surface back to my boogie board, the surfer apologized then asked if I was alright he said I just didn’t see you. I didn’t feel well noticed I was bleeding from my head and decided to get out of the water. I got tired of paddling with my arms on my boogie board so I jumped off and started walking/hopping in water neck high. When my legs was suddenly impacted by a large fish. As soon as it touched me only one word popped into my mind shark! It knocked me up and half way out the water sideways. I fell right back into the water sideways right on top of the large fish I felt it’s skin it was right next to me. The power from the sharks tail swinging side to side trusting away from me was intense I felt it’s power being so close. Fast forward to the year 2003-2004 I was serving the the U.S. Air Force stationed in Qatar When a military member came into the office I was pulling T.A.SS duties (Tactical Automated Security System). He remembered when I had asked him if there are any missions to Africa I want to go. I was inspired by a long conversation I had with a African brother when I was stationed in Germany to see my mother land Africa at a bar. The military member who came in the office was the second in command for the Phoenix Raven Program which consisted of teams of specially trained security forces personnel dedicated to providing security for AMC (AIR Mobility Command) aircraft that transit high terrorist criminal threat areas. He offered a deal with me watch his back in the war zone and I will take you to see your mother land Africa. After receiving specialty training It was off to Baghdad International airport I was apart of these missions for months. I have completed missions way behind enemy lines no back up no support the air crew was very nervous during those times. On my last mission in Iraq a Frago mission came down the pipeline (Frago changes of existing orders to subordinate and supporting commanders). My plane was now a high valued target we received in coming fire right after take off and started to do 500 ft evasive maneuvers the load master was sending the pilots information to avoid being shot down. I put my extra bullet proof vest under my ass out of desperation and held on tight for the ride I was okay was losing a limb but I wanted my genitalia to remain on my body. We made a stop in Jordan to refuel and recharged the plane an old C-130 Hercules from the Vietnam era.


After that my next mission was in Africa during the trip the air crew was so tired and exhausted from leaving the combat zone. I was asked if I would be willing to fly the plane accompanied by a navigator I said yes I was able to accomplish two dreams of mine going to Africa and flying a plane. I was able to rest for many hours in transit so I was fresh. I was told on the mission briefing if we failed to land properly and went into the ocean in South Africa it was a good chance we would die on impact or get eaten by sharks. A lightning/thunder storm was detected on our radar I was instructed to fly around it (Baba Shango made his presence known). After being relieved of my flight duty the number 3 engine burst into flames the air crew had to shut it down. Then we lost LOX (liquid oxygen) we could no longer breath a 30 thousand feet so we had to fly very low. I was able to see the African landscape and take in the sights such as Mount Kilimanjaro. After landing successfully and inspecting the plane we did notice a few big holes in the noise of the plane. Was they caused by bullets or lightning strikes we wondered I did a number of missions in Africa after the plane was serviced and cleared to fly. On my last mission in Africa we landed in Kenya the load master may of made a miscalculation of the weight of the cargo and upon landing we busted a few tires plus two out of the four engines was down. We was stuck on the ground in Kenya for weeks. I was able to go to the Whitesands Beach resort in Mombasa Kenya located right on the coast to take a shower and to relax for a few hours once. There I met a brother on the beach and I asked him how was the water? He replied warm and loaded with sharks I said to him I’m going in. He looked at me like I was crazy and pleaded with me to not go in the water. You see I had embarked on a mission to conquer my fears years before this took place. I had a fear of heights from almost fallen off a mountain in the Californian forest. It was light snow/ice on the ground I was walking down a path from the top of the mountain when I slipped and couldn’t stop myself from sliding towards the edge of the mountain I threw myself on the ground to slow down but I kept sliding towards the edge a blessed bush saved my life, I grabbed it and It was strong enough to stop me, my feet was hanging over the edge of the mountain but I was okay. Part of the reason I joined the Air Force was to conquer my fear of heights. Now back to Africa I went waist/chest deep in the warm waters off the coast of Kenya loaded with sharks. I stayed there for about 30 mins inviting any sharks in the area to come and make peace with me or bring on the attack. I was not attacked so peace was made now through spiritual growth I can sense any near by sharks that are in the water close to me. You see this story is about conquering fear and taking control over your own mind, so the fears you once endured no longer have any control over your thoughts to hold you back in life. After returning to the aircraft we came under surveillance by the local African rebels. Tires was being burnt to send smoke signals to the other rebels in the area, to inform them that the American military was on the ground. I told my partner that I just had to endure the war zone in Iraq to make it to Africa and I didn’t want to have to fight my African brothers. We began making preparations for a fight after contacting the Marines Special Rescue Unit. I had sent a prayer to the universe and after a few days my prayer was answered, I was relieved of duty and on my way back to Qatar without spilling African blood.

Stoners Couch (9) Fragmentation or Diamonds

Becoming comfortable on a spiritual journey leads to complacency. Complacency can slow down your internal drive to achieve higher levels of natural progression.  Pressure can create diamonds that will shine very bright when filled with divine light. Cracking under the pressure of life can create fragments of truth and reality that will result in causing confusion and frustration from a focus that is not whole. Returning to nature will assist greatly in putting the pieces back together. In order to gain clarity of vision with the one (I & I), empty your mind and know thyself.

Stoners Couch (8)(Giving up is not an option)


Life is a precious gift from the creator that needs to be respected. As a divine spiritual being having a physical experience, you are made in the image of God so you are expected to live God-like which simply means learn right from wrong and do your best to be good.  In a world where evil energies/entities have gained so much power manipulating the free will of the humans of this planet, our free will is being coerced to do things that would never be accepted within our culture. My words will only become very clear if you are able to tap into and learn to operate within your right mind which is your divine mind. You must not believe who you are; you must know who you are in order to see which direction you are going. The direction of travel that you are on in life will either help you grow in spirit by learning life lessons quickly in order to make the necessary adjustments to grow. Or will hurt you if you are not open to learning from mistakes, your life path will become repeatitive circles of confusion that can and will open doors to self-destruction. US suicide rate rises, leading to a drop in life expectancy, CDC reports in the year 2018. That’s a reflection of how far removed we are from the true spiritual culture of God. We are placed on earth to learn and grow into the highest form of oneself. Not to give up and give in to the negative pressures of life feeling powerless to control and change the situation. Just how someone can allow themselves to become coerced into suicidal thoughts. They have the power to allow themselves to not accept thoughts of suicide. They have the power to place their minds to a better place so they can understand why it’s important to live. If you still have breath in your lungs you always have a chance to make better decisions in life that will help you understand why and how the choices you make are important. Be open to learning what you should or shouldn’t do by studying cause and effect. You must learn to let go of the negative bullshit in order to re-shape and embrace life. Giving up and taking the easy way out is never an option. Have enough grit to push on through seeking life, loving life, and embracing life.

Stoners Couch (7) The Quest for Physical Mental and Spiritual Freedom

Peace, blessings, power, divinity, and strength to the natural, indigenous, rightful owners and true leaders of the sacred lands on the planet earth. Through the bloodline lineage; going back to the ancient prior to the rewriting of world history, and the displacement of millions of beautiful people through countless wars fought prior during and after the transatlantic slave trade. The same lineage of Great Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Gods, Goddess’s, Spiritual Leaders, and Warriors. Master Builders of Hue-man Civilization. Driven by divine guidance by tapping into and then unlocking the wisdom of mastering and knowing thyself. Universal and Natural law practitioners, that brought into the world many cultures respecting a holistic relationship with oneself, the physical and spiritual family mother earth the great spirit or God (JA JA). Prior to and very far removed from the cultural, social, spiritual, teachings of Babylon or sometimes called Baby-Wrong. The quest for physical, mental, spiritual, and economic freedom is a burning desire that leads one on a journey of one’s lifetime a quest to reclaim and relearn who and what you really are. That may spark a desire to no longer be treated like little children of the defeated and forgotten lost tribal members, turned into weak-minded slaves blindly dancing to the tune of Satan’s army band. Instead of just simply accepting and adopting that current reality, seek to reclaim, reshape, and rebuild your tribal legacy with honor dignity and grace. The fire of freedom is burning red hot in order to keep placing another log on the fire you have to stand firm and pull your own weight.