Stoners Couch (5) Black Melanated African People


Black Melanated African People, you better learn how to stop being mean and evil towards one another. Do you enjoy fucking over others who look like you? Are you full of self-hate? Is your mind full of programmed racism aimed at yourself? Or is it demonic spirits controlling your actions, thoughts, and deeds? Is your purpose to further destroy the black family structure, unity, and the ability for us to work together? Unity is key in order to plot a new course to achieve a higher standard of greatness this world desperately needs. Unity can never be achieved without mutual love and respect for one another. A lot of us are suffering from deeply seeded pain and we are so quick to chop another brother or sister down. Then turn around and be super nice to someone taking advantage while oppressing you. Its called Stockholm syndrome even though wicked acts of backstabbing existed in the ancient times, this Stockholm syndrome mentality began to occur on higher levels during and after the transatlantic slave trade. The lack of effective communication skills amongst our people creates many unnecessary misunderstandings, that can easily turn violent. Some Tribal Wars have been fought for so long the truth of over how it all began and the clear objective can become unclear or altogether lost. You will know by being honest with yourself that you are the one causing problems. Take the necessary time needed to fix it, seek righteousness and be good to one another. Without putting yourself in a situation to be taken advantage of by wicked beings disguised as your friends or family. If you can care less about how we allow ourselves to be our own worse enemy, just get the fuck out the way! We as a people have been through hell and back enduring suffering and hate on the highest levels globally for thousands of years still, the flames of freedom and equality are still burning but there is fire on the mountain! So rise and shine!



Stoners Couch (3) Anxiety

Medical cannabis is used to treat anxiety a feeling of worry or nervousness intense fear or discomfort that can arise slowly during high stress. But cannabis can also cause anxiety for some people who have gotten too high especially if they have overdone it with a concentrate, it can lead to an anxiety/panic attack. A panic attack happens suddenly and involves intense overwhelming fear and paranoia. Physical symptoms include a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, or nausea. The person suffering from panic attack can become irrational and unpredictable driven by fear and paranoia. Anxiety is described as a mental health disorder. A disorder of the mind, a state of confusion that can physically affect the body.  Now let’s look at the spiritual side or (light energy side) attached to the mind and body. Spiritually fear blocks all true growth, development, and natural progression. The energy of fear polluting the spiritual atmosphere emanating from within or from an outside source can have crippling effects that plague the mind and body. Spiritually fear is the work of devils and demons and not of God. If that’s the case how come you may have attracted fear into your life? When things happen in life that is not so pleasant there is a  lesson to be learned from it.  It’s an opportunity to improve or strengthen the areas within our spirit, mind, or body that needs work. If the stress that leads to anxiety was caused by someone or something in your life, its time to take a look at it closely and make the necessary adjustments. The adjustments you make should one day result in conquering any and all fear from any source outside or from within.

Stoners Couch (2) Self-Motivation

In my blog post titled stoners couch, I spoke about when cannabis smoking can have you on stuck mode and you know you have business to take care of. If you sometimes find it difficult to find internal motivation while smoking cannabis to get up and go. I would like to touch on self-discipline and how it may be required to change your smoking frequency. Putting off your cannabis smoke until all business of the day is handled, is a great way to break the stoner couch lock cycle. I find it an excellent way to focus on whatever goals at hand. It’s also a good way to reward yourself with a more powerful smoke session when the work aspect of the day is finished. If you don’t wish to cut out your herbal ritual. You may want to smoke less a few hits then put it out for later. If the herbs you smoke will give you a heavy stone like an Indica may want to smoke a Sativa instead. Smoking a high-grade OG strain for example like a Paris OG mixed with a fat worm of hash dipped in wax in the morning/afternoon can result in being less productive. Or it can make it to where your motivation takes the willpower and focus that’s on the level of a modern-day Medjai warrior to get your goals accomplished. Fighting through your day like your on an ancient battlefield,  just to get things done that are benefiting the seasoned stoner who has learned to power through the heavy stone with ease.