Pharaoh Said That T Pain Made A Comment About Tupac That Was Stupid

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Four Sacred Native American (Diné) Affirmations

Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about the four sacred affirmations. Each is assigned to one of the sacred directions. As Wally has taught on numerous occasions, the number four is sacred. Everything is done according to the sacred number four. Of these affirmations there is some confusion on the north affirmation. Is it hope or is it faith? Wally believes it to be faith and he explains why in the video.

It is often thought that Native Peoples don’t exercise faith or and that we worship nature… This video should clear up any misunderstanding. At least when it comes to traditional Diné teachings.

Four Sacred Native American (Diné) Affirmations - YouTube

Traditional Native American (Diné) Teachings on Positive Thinking.

Navajo Historian Wally Brown, teaches about the traditional view on constructive thinking vs. destructive thinking. The modern person would probably call these positive thinking vs. negative thinking.
There are a lot of teachings associated with thinking. Four affirmations in the four sacred directions the first one is thinking. The others require thinking as well.

There are 22 ceremonies that people still know how to perform. Some have been lost and some are perverted, the words have been changed and they have lost the original ways that they were performed.

The Ceremony associated with thinking or the thought process is the beauty way.

At the other end of the scale is the evil way

And finally is the way of life.

The fourth ceremony is missing. They don’t know that one anymore.

It is thought that everyone has the ability to think . You can think to construct or you can think to destroy. Coyote only thinks for himself. And it always ends up hurting people or hurting himself in some way.

Traditionally you are encouraged to think in a positive way.

Ké is supposed to be what you think around… Kinship!


Traditional Native American (Diné) Teachings on Positive Thinking. - YouTube