For The Love Of Kush | presented by K’nife, PhD. | music by Gabre Selassie | powered by Jah9

Free Download Link: On April 20th, in solidarity with the internationally celebrated cannabis subculture day, Jah9 will be presenting to the public her brand new mixtape titled, For The Love of Kush. This mixtape will have as its singular focus, the cannabis plant and its many applications in aiding humanity towards sustainable development. Listeners will be taken on an educational journey about cannabis and its role in our lives at the psychoactive, nutritional, spiritual and industrial levels. In guiding listeners along this educational journey, Jah9 recruited the assistance of University of the West Indies, Mona lecturer, Dr. K’adamawe K’nife. Through Dr. K’nife’s reasoning, listeners will be fed an interesting array of facts that detail the magnificence of the cannabis plant, and its natural place in our lives. To make the reasoning seep easily into the mind of the listeners, Kingston Dub Club resident DJ, Gabre Selassie was selected to spin some herb-infused dub and roots tracks. This cannabis journey will take listeners a mere one hour and two minutes to complete, but will leave you with priceless information that doesn’t simply advocate for cannabis legalization, but rather offers unbiased logic regarding the usefulness of this controversial herb. This information is all the more timely, as all across the world cannabis legalization or decriminalization seems inevitable. (words by Andre J. Williams of Academic Entertainment)


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