Get Out Of BabyLon

single from The Snaketanic Verses Blitztape by King Lo The RAstar. Blitztape available at or Download from Dropbox:…

Venemous and Unrelenting, this Metaphysical Masterpiece of Hip Hop Sound by the Compton Overlord of RAW Occultic Millitant Hip Hop King Lo The RAstar may be unsettling for the brainwashed masses and those who are in line with stagnant mainstream music demonic plans of the New World Order. Never has a Conscious mixtape been so artistic, rebellious and Dark. No devil, racist, homosexual or demonic energy is safe from the Hammer and Sword of The GOD NIGGA and His Invincible Kemetic Serpentine energy. Are you brave enough to open of the Scriptures of These Snaketanic Verses? Then let us turn to the first chapter… Warning: Audio Discretion is Advised.
Get Out




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