LL Cool J | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson | Ep 32

From Don King’s Penthouse, to his enslaved ancestor who won freedom as the greatest prizefighter in the world, and all the way to the Greek legend of Marathon, LL is doing it, doing it and doing it well when he represents Queens in the Hotbox. Sponsored by Manscaped.com, get 20% off, free shipping and a travel case with code: HOTBOXIN at http://manscaped.com Get new Toad merchandise at http://hotboxingpodcast.com 3:55 – LL meeting Mike for the first time 8:10 – LL discovers his famous ancestors 25:48 – LL on police shootings 30:10 – White Supremacy 37:30 – Love is not always pleasant 41:05 – The Toad 51:17 – Marathon 54:35 – Civilizing the savages 1:13:11 – Don Kings penthouse 1:26:27 – Rock the Bells SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER: https://hotboxinpodcast.com HOTBOX WITH US: Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/hotboxinpod… Twitter | https://twitter.com/hotboxinpodcast?l… Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/hotboxinpodcast Podcast Website | https://hotboxinpodcast.com Tyson Ranch Website | https://tysonranch.com/ CAST: Mike Tyson | http://youtube.com/c/miketyson Eben Britton | https://www.instagram.com/edsbritton/

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