Advanced Nutrients 2320-13 Bud Candy, 500 mL.5 Liter



  • Larger flowers, more taste, more aroma and more resins
  • Get stronger roots and faster floral maturation
  • Stronger plant immune systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Product description

    Size:.5 Liter

    Flavor, aroma & bigger yield enhancer remember that time you first tried cotton candy at the local county fair? It was pure delight that melted in your mouth and left your fingers gooey and sticky. The taste and those smells, it drove you crazy not only that, but you got a huge immediate jolt of energy from all that sweet stuff, and had the time of your life. Now you can bring bud candy to your plants and get that same experience all over again. Savor the sweet smells and tastes you’ve always loved while bringing out the full potential of your plants. Imagine your grateful eyes taking in the glitter and gold of your candy tasting flowers… Your taste buds and nose taking in their gourmet aroma. You’re guaranteed you’ll see your plants eating tons of carbohydrate energy so your flowers swell up all bloom phase and you’ll stagger under the weight of your sugarcoated harvests. Ingredients: Soluble potash (k2o), potassium sulfate, 72 trace elements, organic acids, citric acid, ascorbic acid, polyphenolic compounds, esters, raw cane juice, sweet brown molasses carbohydrates: Xyclose, maltose, glucose, galactose, arabinose extracts: Cranberry extract, grape extract, malt extract, fermented yeast extract vitamins: B-1, b-2, b-3, b-5, b-6, b-7, b-12 amino acids: L-alanine, l-arganine, l-asparagine, l-aspartic acid, l-cysteine, l-cysteine, l-glutamic acid, l-glutamine, l-glycine, l-histidine, l-isoleucine, l-leucine, l-lysine, l-methionine, l-threonine, l-phenylalanine, l-praline, l-serine, l-tyrosine, l-tryptophan, l-valine directions: Mix 2ml per liter during weeks 1 thru 6 of flowering phase. May be used as a carbohydrate stimulant to feed Beneficial’s during vegetative stage at 1/2 strength.


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