Yield Lab Pro Series 1000W Double Ended Wing Reflector Complete Grow Light Kit- HPS+MH



  • EXTRA LARGE WING REFLECTOR: Double Ended large wing span reflector with multiple focal points produces a balanced and focused light for full coverage of your plants. Supports 6 plants in a 36 square foot area. Double ended bulbs provide 30% more efficency over single ended bulbs. The winged design helps provide increase coverage intensity and with its light weight construction makes it easy to hang from any surface
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 1x Yield Lab 1000w digital dimmable ballast 120~240V (120V power chord included), 1x Yield Lab double ended 1000w metal halide bulb (MH), 1x Yield Lab double ended 1000w high pressure sodium bulb (HPS), 1x Yield Lab Double Ended Wing Reflector, 1x ratchet light hangers, 1x FREE BONUS Analog timer and in depth 12 week grow guide
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE SUPER LUMEN BALLAST: Featuring dimming control you can effectively reduce lumen intensity and heat as low as 50% for early stages of your plant growth as well as boost the output by 10% with the Super Lumen feature for later flowering stages. Industrial grade internal components provide steady power, increased PAR, eliminates flicker and boosted yields
  • FREE BONUS 12 WEEK GROW GUIDE: Exclusive 12 week video guide that shows step by step instructions on how to successfully grow indoors and all the information you will ever need to grow seasonal gardens all year long or medical-grade crops. Whether your a first time or seasoned grower this guide has plenty of knowledge to offer you. The information provided is over 10 years of growing experience in just several days
  • INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY AND TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE: Manufactures warranty covers your ballast for 3 years and bulbs for 1 year. Lifetime support by phone and email and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Our brand new Yield Lab Professional Series 1000w Double Ended Wing Reflector grow light kit was meticulously researched and designed for the better and more effective coverage than single sided wings. This Wing Reflector is created to be one of the most sophisticated indoor grow lights on the market today. The angled wing design offers multiple reflective points to give your plant complete and powerful coverage. Lit by our 1000w Yield Lab Slim Line ballast, this light runs off a ballast that gives you a closed and solid state with efficient heat management. With the a variable watt range, the ballasts provide a wide array of options for compatible double ended lamps. The Yield Lab 1000w Double Ended HPS Bulb is on a league of its own. Yield Lab Double Ended HPS bulbs have a slower degradation rate than single ended HPS bulbs allowing them to retain 90% of their original intensity after 10,000 hours of usage. These bulbs are more stable than single ended HPS bulbs allowing them to push an extra 10% intensity and PAR output, with stronger IR and UV light than single ended HPS bulbs allowing plants to increase potency and essential oils. If you’re ready for large coverage and strong light penetration with easy use and installation, look no further than the Yield Lab Professional Series 1000w Double Ended Wing Reflector Grow Light Kit.


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