Stoners Couch (7) The Quest for Physical Mental and Spiritual Freedom

Peace, blessings, power, divinity, and strength to the natural, indigenous, rightful owners and true leaders of the sacred lands on the planet earth. Through the bloodline lineage; going back to the ancient prior to the rewriting of world history, and the displacement of millions of beautiful people through countless wars fought prior during and after the transatlantic slave trade. The same lineage of Great Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Gods, Goddess’s, Spiritual Leaders, and Warriors. Master Builders of Hue-man Civilization. Driven by divine guidance by tapping into and then unlocking the wisdom of mastering and knowing thyself. Universal and Natural law practitioners, that brought into the world many cultures respecting a holistic relationship with oneself, the physical and spiritual family mother earth the great spirit or God (JA JA). Prior to and very far removed from the cultural, social, spiritual, teachings of Babylon or sometimes called Baby-Wrong. The quest for physical, mental, spiritual, and economic freedom is a burning desire that leads one on a journey of one’s lifetime a quest to reclaim and relearn who and what you really are. That may spark a desire to no longer be treated like little children of the defeated and forgotten lost tribal members, turned into weak-minded slaves blindly dancing to the tune of Satan’s army band. Instead of just simply accepting and adopting that current reality, seek to reclaim, reshape, and rebuild your tribal legacy with honor dignity and grace. The fire of freedom is burning red hot in order to keep placing another log on the fire you have to stand firm and pull your own weight.



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