Stoners Couch (8)(Giving up is not an option)


Life is a precious gift from the creator that needs to be respected. As a divine spiritual being having a physical experience, you are made in the image of God so you are expected to live God-like which simply means learn right from wrong and do your best to be good.  In a world where evil energies/entities have gained so much power manipulating the free will of the humans of this planet, our free will is being coerced to do things that would never be accepted within our culture. My words will only become very clear if you are able to tap into and learn to operate within your right mind which is your divine mind. You must not believe who you are; you must know who you are in order to see which direction you are going. The direction of travel that you are on in life will either help you grow in spirit by learning life lessons quickly in order to make the necessary adjustments to grow. Or will hurt you if you are not open to learning from mistakes, your life path will become repeatitive circles of confusion that can and will open doors to self-destruction. US suicide rate rises, leading to a drop in life expectancy, CDC reports in the year 2018. That’s a reflection of how far removed we are from the true spiritual culture of God. We are placed on earth to learn and grow into the highest form of oneself. Not to give up and give in to the negative pressures of life feeling powerless to control and change the situation. Just how someone can allow themselves to become coerced into suicidal thoughts. They have the power to allow themselves to not accept thoughts of suicide. They have the power to place their minds to a better place so they can understand why it’s important to live. If you still have breath in your lungs you always have a chance to make better decisions in life that will help you understand why and how the choices you make are important. Be open to learning what you should or shouldn’t do by studying cause and effect. You must learn to let go of the negative bullshit in order to re-shape and embrace life. Giving up and taking the easy way out is never an option. Have enough grit to push on through seeking life, loving life, and embracing life.

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