The truth about GOD and the serpent (Kundalini) PART 1 & 2

In this video i put an END to this grand deception once and for all. I DEBUNK the “evil” serpent propaganda and give you the true meaning of the serpent DEFINED by the ancients This video is definitely NOT one to be MISSED!

But this video is only PART 1, so don’t get too comfortable as in PART 2 i’m coming for that bible NEXT! ALOT of religious people are gonna CONVERT after that one….

Also ALL sources for this entire presentation will be listed at the end of this presentation which will be PART 2

CLICK HERE for MORE similarities between Egypt and Peru:-…

But after part 1 alone there really should be nothing else left to be said, this “evil serpent” propaganda has officially been DEBUNKED. so all of these people who’s channels are based around the serpent being evil, and spreading negative propaganda about the serpent, have just LOST their careers. R.I.P serpent haters…..

Also one thing to note, i have held comments for REVIEW on this video, so if you don’t see your comment pop up straight away, it’s not because it has been removed, but it is still being REVIEWED.