Vaughn Benjamin with Anchants “Wisdom in the Ganja” V.I. REGGAE

“In ancient times, cannabis was used for many reasons and particularly by the high priests of the Melchezidek Order. One such ritual was that of the “sacrificial burnt offering”. In this video depiction, a young priestess (representing purity, perfection and earth), offers a stalk (herb of the fields) to the alter, for the priests who will deliver the sermon, accompanied by drummers of the Nyahbingi Order.

It is important to be definitive when we speak. And just as important to be factual about what we say.

Contrary to common belief, cannabis plays such a significant role, it can shut down various industries from textiles, to fuel, chemical, and pharmaceutical. It is important to research and Know the truth about cannabis.

Sing songs of praise An Chants to the Most High.”

Arif Anwar

Song written and performed by: Arif Anwar and Vaughn A. Benjamin.
Music Recorded by Jordan Jones – Iaahden Sounds.
Video Recording by: A. Anwar and Mulunesh I. Sampson.
Video Editing by: Boondox Ijaw Films.
Published by: VIbrance The Arts.

original post by ANCHANTS