Stoners Couch (1) Couch Lock

Trust me I overstand the enjoyment aspect of smoking some sweet high-grade marijuana grown with love. It can have many benefits that we find ourselves relying on at times. We use it to place ourselves in a better mood. We use it to relieve stress, anger, frustration, decompressing from work-related overloads, and just dealing with normal bullshit life sometimes throws at us. For me, that’s completely understandable to use the herbs to aid in life. But when your stoner side begins to overpower your taking care of business side you are falling out of balance. I call it stoner couch lock putting off what you know you need to do today just to set out to accomplish it tomorrow, or the next day etc… putting it off for one reason or another. Time is an element to be properly used not wasted. When it’s time to get up off that stoner couch to put in the work required to live life to it’s fullest. In order to become magnificent in whatever line you happen to be traveling in. Do it while keeping it clean to the best of your ability that way you cut out as much unnecessary fuckery as possible, in order to allow the heavenly blessings to just flow naturally.