The truth about GOD and the serpent (Kundalini) PART 1 & 2

In this video i put an END to this grand deception once and for all. I DEBUNK the “evil” serpent propaganda and give you the true meaning of the serpent DEFINED by the ancients This video is definitely NOT one to be MISSED!

But this video is only PART 1, so don’t get too comfortable as in PART 2 i’m coming for that bible NEXT! ALOT of religious people are gonna CONVERT after that one….

Also ALL sources for this entire presentation will be listed at the end of this presentation which will be PART 2

CLICK HERE for MORE similarities between Egypt and Peru:-…

But after part 1 alone there really should be nothing else left to be said, this “evil serpent” propaganda has officially been DEBUNKED. so all of these people who’s channels are based around the serpent being evil, and spreading negative propaganda about the serpent, have just LOST their careers. R.I.P serpent haters…..

Also one thing to note, i have held comments for REVIEW on this video, so if you don’t see your comment pop up straight away, it’s not because it has been removed, but it is still being REVIEWED.





The Jamaican Maroons

The Jamaican Maroons are descendants of Africans who fought and escaped from slavery and established free communities in the mountainous interior of Jamaica during the era of slavery. African slaves imported during the Spanish period may have provided the first runaways. Many slaves gained freedom when the English took control of Jamaica in 1655.

To this day, the Maroons in Jamaica are to a small extent autonomous and separate from Jamaican culture. The isolation used to their advantage by their ancestors has today led to their communities being amongst the most inaccessible on the island.

Eleven Maroon settlements remain on lands apportioned to them in the original treaty with the British. These Maroons still maintain their traditional celebrations and practices, some of which have West African origin. Native Jamaicans and island tourists are allowed to be present at many of these events, while others are held in secret and shrouded in mystery. Singing, dancing, drum-playing and preparation of traditional foods form a central part of most gatherings.In their largest town, Accompong, in the parish of St. Elizabeth, the Leeward Maroons still possess a vibrant community of about 600. Tours of the village are offered to foreigners and a large festival is put on every 6 January to commemorate the signing of the peace treaty with the British after the Maroon War.





THE CU CHI TUNNELS (with subtitles as told by America’s former enemy)

(You must watch on YouTube Powerful Truth on fighting for liberation and freedom breaking the iron grip of colonial rule.)

Here’s how you can see the film NOW:…

I’m living in poverty and I’m the guy who made this film. I’ve got to try to make some money. I got injured in Libya making a film (, called BURNING GREEN, and it’s been hell the last 4 years. I spent over 3 years making this THE CU CHI TUNNELS and rebuilt the tunnels on a stage in Saigon. AND, YES, THOSE RECREATIONS ARE NOT FOR SALE! Some people have commented about the translation. Initially, I had a word by word translation until the BBC taught me that I have to just create the jest of it and make it flow so it’s easy to read. That made it much easier to follow.
My film has been broadcast in over 50 countries and distributed by the BBC but it never showed in the US. I can explain that to you if you ask me.
I put it for free on Youtube about 4 years ago as so many universities wanted to use it as a required viewing of the other side of the war in their Vietnam War classes. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I first came up with this idea, nearly everyone thought I was totally crazy…I mean clinically. I actually had lawyers physically throw me angrily out of their office.
Another goal of mine is simple. I want to show the 94 minute 35mm version of it at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff, a part of Dallas, Texas. I grew up there and was in the 9th grade when Kennedy was killed. It’s an important place to me. I believe the film would thrive on a big screen there. Here’s their information if you’d contact them and say you agree:
(214) 948.1546

ALSO, I want to point out the BBC philosophy on subtitles. My 94 minute 35mm. version of the film has an exact translation from Vietnamese. For TV, you have to make a readable translation that can be read at the pace of the video. So, word by word, the translation is slightly different.
I’m putting the video, again for free on Youtube but would really appreciate it if you went to the Video on demand page on Vimeo that I listed above or try to send me any kind of donation at anything would help right now. If I got a few cents from all the viewers so far (nearly 400,000), I’d be able to live a little better at 69 with no retirement partly because I made films that no one else wanted to make or could realize their importance.
I put the film back on line because it’s being used all over the world in universities which I really appreciate. I want it to still be seen by future generations… but, I’m in a lot of trouble with all my medical issues. Thanks, Mickey Grant