Stoners Couch (5) Black Melanated African People


Black Melanated African People, you better learn how to stop being mean and evil towards one another. Do you enjoy fucking over others who look like you? Are you full of self-hate? Is your mind full of programmed racism aimed at yourself? Or is it demonic spirits controlling your actions, thoughts, and deeds? Is your purpose to further destroy the black family structure, unity, and the ability for us to work together? Unity is key in order to plot a new course to achieve a higher standard of greatness this world desperately needs. Unity can never be achieved without mutual love and respect for one another. A lot of us are suffering from deeply seeded pain and we are so quick to chop another brother or sister down. Then turn around and be super nice to someone taking advantage while oppressing you. Its called Stockholm syndrome even though wicked acts of backstabbing existed in the ancient times, this Stockholm syndrome mentality began to occur on higher levels during and after the transatlantic slave trade. The lack of effective communication skills amongst our people creates many unnecessary misunderstandings, that can easily turn violent. Some Tribal Wars have been fought for so long the truth of over how it all began and the clear objective can become unclear or altogether lost. You will know by being honest with yourself that you are the one causing problems. Take the necessary time needed to fix it, seek righteousness and be good to one another. Without putting yourself in a situation to be taken advantage of by wicked beings disguised as your friends or family. If you can care less about how we allow ourselves to be our own worse enemy, just get the fuck out the way! We as a people have been through hell and back enduring suffering and hate on the highest levels globally for thousands of years still, the flames of freedom and equality are still burning but there is fire on the mountain! So rise and shine!